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Technical Support

To obtain technical support from OAR please contact your nearest OAR representative. Alternatively for support direct from the OAR factory please contact Technical Support on support@oaresearch.co.uk   or +44 (0)1993 880005.

All OAR products are covered by a minimum 12 month warranty during which time your product will be repaired at the OAR factory in the unlikely event that it develops a fault in the first 12 months of use.

Depending on the product, on-site service may also be available. If a fault develops after 12 months, a reasonable price will be quoted for factory repairs or on-site service.

 Returns Procedure

1) At first please contact OAR as described above and explain the nature of the fault. OAR can often diagnose faults remotely and successful repairs can sometimes be made on-site by the customer.

2) DO NOT return your instrument to OAR without first receiving a return material authorisation number from us (RMA). OAR will issue an RMA if it is necessary to return the instrument to the factory for repair.

3) Before returning the goods to OAR customers should first fill in a Returned Items Safety Declaration. Please click to download this form. A copy of this form should be included in the box with the shipment and a copy should also be faxed to +44 (0)1993 880060. If you have difficulty downloading the form please contact us and we will send it to you.

4) Great care should be taken when packing instruments for return. The goods should be packed accordingly. If possible the original OAR box should be used. OAR cannot accept any liability for transit damage during transit from the customer site to OAR.

5) For the shipping paperwork the following information may be useful: The commodity code for all our instruments is 85437090 and the CPC code for repairs is 51001. All shipments coming to OAR from outside the European Union will require 4 commercial invoices. For further advice on shipping please contact us on +44 (0)1993 880005 or support@oaresearch.co.uk.

6) The returned goods should be addressed as follows for all repairs:
Oxford Applied Research
Nursery Road
North Leigh Business Park
OX29 6SN
United Kingdom

(Contact telephone number for all return shipments should be +44 (0)1993 880005)) Once the goods are shipped please contact Technical Support at OAR and let them know the airwaybill number for the return shipment.

8) For paid repairs an estimated repair cost will have been quoted before the goods are returned. This will be confirmed or amended once the goods are inspected at the factory. A purchase order should not be issued by the customer until the final repair cost is agreed after the factory inspection. The purchase order is, however, required before the instrument can be returned to the customer after the repair.