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RF Ion Sources - Specifications
Model RF25 RF50 RF150

In-vacuum diameter

59mm 98mm 198mm
Beam diameter

25mm 50mm 150mm
Mounting flange

Ion beam energy

100-1000eV 100-1000eV 100-1000eV
Beam current density

>3mA/cm2 >6mA/cm2 >3mA/cm2
Operating gas flow

5-10sccm 5-10sccm 10-20sccm
Standard tuning unit

Manual Manual Automatic
Power supplies

600W RF and screen grid 600W RF and screen grid 600W RF, screen and accelerator
Water cooling

0.5l/s at 20 oC 0.5l/s at 20 oC 0.5l/s at 20 oC


Filament or plasma bridge neutraliser

Optical monitor (OED200) to measure plasma intensity

Autotune unit (ATM200)

Master control interface

Piezoelectric gas doser

Isolated shutter

Internal mounting

Custom length/ special flange mounting