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Nanocluster Deposition Source
Material Source 1kW DC Magnetron (power supply incl.). Takes 2" diameter targets.

Deposition rate* <0.001nm/s to ~0.5nm/s

Mean cluster sizes*
<0.4nm to ~10nm in diameter

Ar flow rate required*

Beam diameter**
5mm to 40mm at a source-sample distance of 100mm

Aggregation length

Source mounting NW150CF or to customer requirement

Services Required

500l/s differential pumping, 1000l/s pumping on deposition chamber. liq. Nitrogen, Ar gas, up to 2 aggregation gases

*Measurements for Cu using NC200U. Values will depend on material and source parameters. ** Depends on aperture set.

K-cell source  

Ion deflection plates

QMF200 Quadrupole mass filter

Neutral cluster filter

Gencoa design Fe targets.