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Nanocluster Deposition Systems - Nanodep60
The Nanodep60 nanocluster deposition system from Oxford Applied Research is the first commercially available UHV system designed specifically for the deposition of nanoclusters. It can be used to produce metallic, semiconducting, magnetic and compound nanoclusters for a range of applications. Emerging applications include contact-hole filling, magnetic and optical data storage, catalysis, energetic cluster impact films and fundamental studies of nanoparticles.
The Nanodep60 incorporates the extensively developed NC200U nanocluster source and QMF200 quadrupole mass filter. The standard system configuration allows for optimal process flexibility and is tailored for deposition over 1cm2 substratres. It is suited for both soft-landing cluster and energetic cluster impact studies. The system includes pumping, an entry lock, a heated substrate holder, quartz crystal monitor, gauges, mass flow controllers and all power supplies. The main chamber provides for numerous entry ports.