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  • Low cost
  • 1-5 keV beam energy
  • No filament
  • Instant start-up
  • Integral valve (no chamber back-filling required)
Low cost ion source
Model IG5

The IG5 is a cold-cathode ion source which operates at low gas flow rates, and is ideal for ion cleaning and sputtering applications. It requires minimal maintenance due the absence of a filament.

Ion beam energy is variable over the range 1-5keV. The ion current is a function of both gas flow and anode voltage, allowing a wide range of operating conditions. Optionally it can be supplied with focusing, X, Y deflection and beam scanning.

The graphs below show, respectively, ion current and beam profile data


In-vacuum diameter 34mm

In-vacuum length 56 mm for standard source 84 mm with focus XY.

Mounting flange NW35CF

Ion beam energy 1-5 keV

Maximum beam current 150uA

Operating gas flow 1-5 sccm

Gas control Integral valve

Beam divergence

15o typical
Water cooling Not required

Operation temperature Ambient


Focus, X/Y deflection
UHV> Bakeable to 250oC

Download the brochure in PDF format: IG5