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DC Ion Sources
The DC filament-driven ion sources are an extension to the highly successful family of atom sources from Oxford Applied Research. They have been extensively developed with simple operation and servicing in mind. The flange mount sources are UHV compatible and primarily for use with argon. They are highly suited for applications such as ion-beam assisted deposition (IBAD), sputter deposition, etching, and substrate cleaning.

A high-transparency grid-set is used to extract ions from the plasma, resulting in a high beam current density and excellent beam profiles. Three sources are available: models DC25, DC25s and DC150.

The DC25s ion source has been developed in response to increased demand for high ion currents at very low energies (< 20eV). Applications include insertion of ions into carbon nanotubes and fullerenes [1] and growth of high quality GaN [2].

[1] Weidinger et al.,Appl. Phys., A66, pp287, 1998
[2] Sienz et al., J. Cryst. Growth., 264, pp184, 2004

Compatible gases
In addition to inert gases, the sources can also be used with O2, N2 and H2

Beam profile
The sources can be equipped with a variety of grids, to tailor the beam profile to a particular application. For example, convex grids can be used for irradiation of large areas with high uniformity. Concave grids can be employed to focus the beam for applications where very high current-density is required, such as sputter deposition.

Flange mount

Internal mount

Beam Neutralisation
Ion impingement on insulating surfaces leads to a rapid build-up of charge, ultimately retarding the ion beam. This is overcome by injecting electrons into the ion beam to neutralise it. We offer plasma bridge neutraliser and filament-based electron injection sources. Both can be supplied for prolonged use with reactive gases.

Power supply

3U, 19-inch: 80-265V.AC
DC ion source specifications
Download brochure in PDF format: DC Ion Sources