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About Us

Oxford Applied Research Ltd. (established in 1978) address a variety of markets including surface science, advanced materials, semiconductors and nanotechnology. Since then, Oxford Applied Research has evolved from a contract R&D and technology company into a manufacturer of leading-edge instruments for the scientific community. Milestone achievements include instruments enabling the first demonstration of solid-state blue LEDs and advances in HTc superconductor oxides, for which the company received British Industry's highest honour: Her Majesty the Queen's Award for Technological Achievement. 90% of turnover is exported, reflecting the global nature of scientific research and development. Some instruments are now being incorporated into OEM Production systems for opto-electronics, high k dielectric oxides and MBE.

The company can respond quickly to a perceived need for new technologies, such as the recent launch of the world's first nanocluster sources and deposition systems.

The unique high quality product portfolio of OAR will significantly strengthen the group's trading position in an increasingly competitive global scientific instruments market.

The Oxford Applied Research group also has a vacancy for an ELECTRONICS DESIGN ENGINEER:

VACUTEC AB: known for the development of the first commercial dual chamber plasma system for R & D.

VSW Atomtech Ltd.: a leading manufacturer of surface science systems, components, sputtering equipment and SEM/TEM sample preparation equipment