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The HA54 analyser is a sophisticated high resolution electrostatic analyser (hemispherical) for measuring the kinetic energy and angular distribution of electrons or ions.

The HA54 is fitted with a four element all electrostatic lens capable of working with a uniform magnification and transmission over the retard range X1 to X35.

Angular resolution of the input lens is +/- 1 degree.

The working distance from end of lens to scattering (sample) centre is 24 mm. HA54 hemispheres: Mean radius of 50mm with interchangeable entrance and exit apertures. The HA54 series of hemispherical analysers are designed with the same high performance features as the CLASS range:
  • True focusing 180 degree geometry.
  • ALL UHV compatible construction.
  • Automatic fringe field correction using molybdenum electrodes.
  • Guaranteed non magnetic construction using aluminium and OFHC copper.
  • GRAPHITE coated hemispheres for even work function throughout.
  • Magnetic shielding by interlocking mumetal screens on analyser and lens.
  • Slot in outer hemisphere for accurate through the lens alignment and beam dump for high energy electrons.

Ultra Violet Photoelectron Spectroscopy (UPS) has been an important technique in the study of electronic structure of surfaces and absorbed atomic layers on them.

Also the decomposition and reaction of molecular species on surfaces may be characterised by the identification of electron energies associated with molecular bonds.

Angular Resolved UPS (ARUPS) has extended the usefulness of UPS to enable mapping of band structure by simultaneous measurement of the energy and angular distribution of electrons. The HA54 analyser is the basis of the VSW ARIES (Angle Resolved Ion Electron Spectrometer) system.